Month: August 2017

Florida Rugby Summit 2017


The Florida Rugby Union in Conjunction with USA Rugby and Eckerd College Rugby will be hosting a summit the weekend of September 16 to include:

Saturday the 16th
Level 1 Officiating (Referees) Course
9 AM to 5 PM

Continuing Coaches Education Info/Time TBA

Sunday the 17th
Level 200 Coaching Certification Course

USA National Assessment Camps for Both Men & Women
The NAC is a one-day event (roughly four hours), open to girls and boys/men and women, aged 15 and older and at all levels of rugby participation: brand new to rugby to experienced. Rugby experience is not required, interested cross-over athletes are encouraged to participate.

The NAC will provide participants a hands-on introduction to High Performance Rugby. The schedule includes a progression of general skills, basic testing, and rugby activities led by USA Rugby national program coaches. The men’s and women’s camp will be conducted separately at the same venue.

The camps also serve as an opportunity for players to demonstrate their rugby potential. Those who show well put themselves in a position to receive an invitation to a Regional Training Camp, Resident Camp, and/or upcoming national pathway event. Local coaches are welcome to attend and either observe or assist

To Register and for full information:

Florida Men:

Florida Women:

New Florida Rugby Partnership

Ryve is a multiple layered apparel company designed to help give back to the communities it serves.

The Miami based athletic apparel company, Ryve, is proud to announce it’s partnership with Florida Rugby as the official apparel provider for matches, events, and All-Star teams within Florida Rugby.

This groundbreaking two-year partnership will see Ryve provide official Florida Rugby match balls to all registered clubs for both the Florida Rugby Union and Florida Youth Rugby Union, provide apparel to select All-Star teams,  and finally be exclusive apparel providers at all Florida Rugby events such as the State Championships and other Florida Rugby hosted events.

“Ryve is a proud supporter of the growth of rugby in Florida, we view this as our way of contributing to the exciting development of the sport in Florida. Our partnership is a natural extension of our brand,” stated Ryve President Luis Cabrera. “This sponsorship is a celebration of our desire to support all of the organizations, clubs, and players involved in Florida Rugby. We are thrilled to extend our support and fundraising platforms to the Florida Rugby Community.”

Ryve have developed a Florida Rugby apparel line, which will include playing gear, supporter gear, and equipment such as the official Florida Rugby Ball. Ryve will provide staff apparel, official supporter apparel, match balls, and most all custom merchandise for clubs.

The Partnership:

  • All Florida Rugby clubs will annually receive Florida Rugby official match balls to be used for all FRU/FYRU league matches. To receive the balls clubs must set up a face to face meeting with Ryve.
  • All full member Florida Rugby clubs will receive partner pricing for apparel. This pricing platform and fundraising mechanism will be discussed within the above meeting.
  • Ryve will be the exclusive apparel provider at all Florida Rugby hosted events, including the Florida State Championship Tournament, Florida Cup’s,  and other Florida Rugby hosted events.
  • Exclusive Florida Rugby merchandise will be available online at

“With their knowledge and expertise in the industry, we know that Ryve will be giving our clubs and players the best apparel available,” said Evan Haigh, General Manager of Florida Rugby. “We see this partnership as a critical driver to push both of our Unions forward, allowing for greater value in membership and long term player participation. We look forward to forging this strong partnership with Ryve for many years to come.”

About Ryve

RYVE was created as commercial company with a strong e-commerce platform that shares the profits with organizations within it’s network. They endeavour to improve people’s lives through what they do. They are committed to contribute to sports organizations (and others) that work for social inclusion. It’s core principles and values are:

  • Freedom of the individual genuine generosity (we do not give our surplus, we work with the culture of giving)
  • Inclusion: We are all equal, without distinction of gender, race or religion.
  • We see new technologies as tools of inclusion.
  • We believe in a culture of work and service.
  • Mutual confidence is the foundation of all satisfactory human relationships.
  • We believe in the power of the community (not only local but also global)
  • We expect integrity of each RYVE member.
  • LOVE, as the foundation of life that corresponds to fraternity behaviors within economic activity.

More information about is available at

About Florida Rugby

Florida Rugby is a partnership between Florida Rugby Union and Florida Youth Rugby Union. It acts as the administrative platform for both Unions whilst allowing both organizations to continue to operate autonomously of each other. It includes the employment of Staff Members of the Executive Office, Event Management, Corporate Sponsorships, Grants, and Game Development Programs.

USA Rugby Congress Press Release

Press Release from USA Rugby

Lafayette, CO – The USA Rugby Congress met this weekend in Washington, D.C. for its second meeting of the year to address several important issues, including membership fees, ratifying directors of the USA Rugby board, and setting priorities for the USA Rugby National Office and staff.

First on the agenda was discussion from CEO Dan Payne, updating the congress on the business of USA Rugby and its performance. Payne’s review of operations included a review of the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens event, his business and operations plan for the next 18 months and his focus on key elements of Strategy 2020.

“This was an extremely constructive meeting,” explained Payne. “Members of congress rightfully came to this meeting with some tough questions for us, and were focused on raising the level of accountability from the national office. The board and our staff were extremely receptive and addressed congress’ concerns, and left the meeting with several items for immediate action.’

CFO Tim Jones and Board Treasurer Rob King reviewed the organization’s financial position and fielded questions from the congress around financial accountability and holding budget managers accountable. King laid out new financial accountability measures adopted by the board and the audit committees, ensuring ongoing oversight would be in place from several sets eyes.


Additionally, they laid out the positive movement toward a strong financial position of the union, with the first two quarters of the year coming in at above anticipated revenues and below anticipated expenses. Their goal, along with the Audit Committee, is to finish FY 2017 with a reserve fund that will grow for years to come, ensuring financial strength of the organization. It also ensures focus can be kept on key grassroots development projects, vital to our long-term success.

Two board members were ratified by the Congress, with Chad Keck remaining on the board for another term, and freshman Board Member Barbara O’Brien being welcomed to the team. A Denver native, O’Brien joins the USA Rugby board with exciting experience as Colorado’s Lieutenant Governor, Denver City School Board President and extensive experience in small business and program incubation.

In the final voting session of the day, congress ratified a plan to increase member fees. With USA Rugby not having raised fees since 2004 (outside adding insurance in 2012), congress identified the need of a modest cost of living adjustment, while ensuring the additional revenue would be utilized to normalize key areas of USA Rugby’s operations. Key funding for NCAA Women’s Initiative, youth rugby development and direct member benefits were top of this list. This fee adjustment will be implemented when fall registration opens August 10, 2017.

Club Registration $160 $150
Coach Registration $65 $65
Referee Registration $65 $45
Adult Player Registration $50 $45
College Player Registration $45 $40
High School Player Registration $35 $30
Youth Contact Player Registration $25 $20
Rookie Rugby Player Registration $5 $5
Executive/Admin Registration $35 $30


Mark Lambourne, Mid-Atlantic Congress Representative and Coaching Director of James Madison University, was in attendance this weekend and shared his sentiments.

“This weekend Congress was presented with numerous challenges and tough questions to address.” Lambourne continued, “While many key items and issues are still under review, the collaborative approach taken by the Board, NGB leadership and Congress to address the challenges we face as a sport was done so in a constructive manner. Significant progress was made in many areas as the collective organization continues to evolve and improve. It was an open and positive gathering with all who participated agreeing there is still a lot to be done”

Other presentations included one from Rosalind Chou about women’s rugby development, Ron Watson rolling out a membership benefit package program (to be debuted in the coming year), a bylaw clean up around SafeSport initiative and the US Rugby Players Association, and a brief presentation by USA Rugby staff on Rugby Development Officers. In a final presentation, the 1987 USA Eagle Women’s Team was honored in a ‘capping’ ceremony that was 30 years overdue. Captain Kathy Flores spoke to the Congress and attendees, including the current World Cup squad, poised to leave for Ireland this week.

Payne summarized the meeting by saying, “The USA Rugby Congress made a huge step this weekend towards the growth and development of rugby in the United States; addressing our funding needs to push youth, collegiate and adult community rugby to strength in coming years.”

More information about the USA Rugby congress can be found here.


2017 Law Trials and Game Management Guidelines

Great review materials here on the upcoming law trials.

Webinar –

Dropbox link with webinar and files-

links to just the law trials and game management guidelines

USARR-Fall 2017 Law Trials

USARR-GMG-2017-2018 – more information on the laws as well as video resources