Gainesville Hogs

Gainesville Rugby Club was founded in 2003 and has competed over the last 10 years in both Division 2 and Division 3. The team name, “Hogs”, is based upon the former name of Gainesville, or Hoggetowne. Our notable achievements include making it to the National “Sweet 16” in 2007 and 2012, winning the Florida Rugby Union State Championships in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, and winning the Florida Cup Competition in 2005 and 2012.

The hogs are a diverse group, ranging in age from 18 to 70, with the majority of players between 21 and 35 years of age. The players are mix of local professionals, UF graduate and professional students, and Santa Fe College undergraduates. We have players on the team with as many as 20 years experience, but the majority of our players are home grown, in that they learned rugby here in Gainesville with the Hogs. Once a Hog, you are a Hog for Life.

We play the majority of our “competitive” matches in the spring and use the fall season to “warm up” for spring league play. Regardless, we always have a good time and have a good match. We usually play Saturdays at 2 PM unless otherwise noted, with training on Tues/Thurs nights from around 6:30 til 8:30 PM. Our local pub is Mother’s Pub on University Ave.

We encourage anyone who is interested to join us at any time during the season. If you are not in shape, do not worry about it. It’s like waiting until you are in shape to join a gym – it may never happen, so join us now. Our dues to play are usually $80 per season in addition to self-registration with USA rugby which offers some accident protection. In order to play you need a mouthguard, cleats, shorts, and socks, and we provide jerseys and warm-up shirts.

Please contact one of our officers for more information and to learn how you too can become a Hog.

Men’s Division 3

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