Nominations for Men’s VP

We are soliciting nominations for a new Men’s VP until July 6. On July 8 we will post the candidates and their bios to be available for review until July 13. Voting will take place online from July 14 to July 19.  Interested candidates should send in an email with their intent to run along with a short description of what experience they have that will make them a good candidate for this position, and if there is anything else they feel may be pertinent to the position, such as ways to improve men’s rugby in the state.  Below is a description of the position, but the ideal candidate is someone that is fair and unbiased. They will assist with dispute resolution if and when needed, and is able to respond to emails/inquiries within 2 business days at a maximum. Our previous VP, Frank Tito, needed to step down, but he is an excellent example of someone who was level-headed and fair to all parties. Please send nominations to President Kerri O’Malley at

VICE-PRESIDENT MEN’S RUGBY. The Vice-President Men’s Rugby shall perform all duties incident to such office and other duties as may be required by law, by the Articles of Incorporation of the FRU, or by these Bylaws, or which may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors, including, but not limited to, (1) being the primary person of contact for all men’s senior rugby football clubs in the FRU or those touring within the FRU, (2) organizing and coordinating league fixtures, playoffs, championships, and tournaments within all divisions of men’s rugby football in the FRU (3) organizing and coordinating select sides, (4) establishing such subordinate personnel as needed by the Vice-President Men’s Rugby to perform all duties incident to such office with the consent of the President. “Men’s Rugby” consists of all member clubs that play:
1. Men’s USAR Division 1 Senior Club Rugby;
2. Men’s USAR Division 2 Senior Club;
3. Men’s USAR Division 3 Senior Clubs;

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