Mens D2 – 2nd XV Orange Cup

The Goal of the Orange Cup:
To provide an avenue for clubs to develop and retain existing players along with recruiting new players to their clubs. Ultimately this will increase the quantity and quality competitive rugby in Florida Rugby.
The 2014/15 Orange Cup Teams
The teams for the 2014/15 season that have committed to the league competing are;  Naples Hammerheads, Orlando Griffins, Miami RFC, Miami Tridents, Ft. Lauderdale Knights, and the Boca Raton Buccaneers.
Just how will the matches for this league play out? 
  • Matches are to be played on the same days as the scheduled matrix competition. The length of the games will still be eighty (80) minutes but with no allotted injury time.
  • Matches are ideally to take place before the regularly scheduled matrix match with a referee scheduled and determined the same way as matrix play. In the event teams wish to play the match after the D2 1st XV match, this is completely ok. However, it is imperative this communicated to the referees society.
  • The limit of the starting matrix 1st team players that can start in both the Orange Cup and the1st team league matrix matches is five (5) players. If a club has more than five players who start in both matches, the matrix team will not lose points, but the Orange Cup match will result in an automatic forfeit.  This means the reserves from the 1st XV roster will not be counted as apart of the 5 players.
  • Teams who fail to play the scheduled Orange Cup match are subject to penalty deduction of two competition points taken away from their matrix team (1st Team) combined with the loss as a result of forfeit of the in Orange Cup.
  • The winner of the Orange Cup League will be determined based on percentage of total wins versus losses.
  • Visiting players from other organizations may play on an Orange Cup roster (i.e. college players out of season) as long as they are currently CIPP’d and that # is displayed along with a photo on the submitted roster.

Click here to see 2014/15 Orange Cup schedule.


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