Florida Collegiate Conference (FCC) – Men’s Division 1

Our objective for creating the Florida Collegiate Conference is to provide conditions where growth can occur for all the College teams in Florida.




Playoffs + DateTeam 1 (Host Team)Team 2 (Away Team)
April 2nd – Q/F #12nd Place – UCF (36)7th Place – FAU (21)
April 2nd – Q/F #23rd Place – UNF (18)6th Place – UF (12)
April 2nd – Q/F #34th Place – FIU (34)5th Place – USF (26)
April 9th – S/F #1FSU UNF
April 9th – S/F #1UCF FIU
April 16th – Champions Highest S/F – Winning Seed


The FCC is following the traditional USA Rugby eligibility requirements, the general requirement for all students to be eligible to play within league games is:

  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student at your that you are attempting to wishing to play for
  • Must be in good standing with your school that you are attempting to play for
  • Must be within 5 years of graduating High School — For the 2021/22 Season – Graduated from HS in 2017 or later

FCC Eligibility Document & Registrar Document – Click Here

  • All teams must have their school sign and stamp their eligibility document, this eligibility document must be sent to fcc@floridarugby.org.
  • In the event a student does not meet these above requirements, they may apply for a waiver to fcc@floridarugby.org. Simply applying for a waiver does not grant the player eligibility to participate within the league matches.

FCC Waiver Documents – Click Here for the FRU Waiver Form

  • Waivers will be granted on these broad guidelines and they can be adjusted by the FCC commissioner depending on the size of the school
    • 6th & 7th-year waivers for players who with undergrads or full-time grad students but have not played 5 played five years of rugby post High School graduation. (General Rule 7 to play 5) — For the 2021/22 Season – Graduated from HS in 2015 or later
    • Not full time based on normal school course load requirements
    • Graduate students who have not played five years of rugby since graduation from High School, must not have graduated High School more than 7 years ago — For the 2021/22 Season – Graduated from HS in 2015 or later
    • Graduating seniors who have declared to graduate and are not full-time — Must be graduating within 2 semesters of the current season.
    • Other extenuating situations to be considered by the FCC commissioner




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  • Develop higher-performing collegiate play, that will result in the ability for our teams to compete against the best colleges in the country.
  • Develop sustainable and well-resourced clubs that are working towards performance.
  • Control the macro schedule which encourages growth.
  • Offer both 15s and 7s Florida Championship Annually.
  • Create partnerships and pathways to encourage FCC teams to compete regionally and nationally when possible.
  • Develop and utilize the Florida College Representative program that provides for player advancement and tour opportunities.


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