Referee By-Law Proposal

The Florida Rugby Union believes that rugby is a community game, and that our Executive Board should represent those that contribute to the game as players, coaches, administrators, and referees. In order to achieve this goal, we propose to change the current by-laws to add a referee representative to the Executive Board. We feel this will also allow for a greater exchange of ideas on ways to facilitate the growth of our game, particularly in creating an environment which supports referees and their development, which makes for better players and better matches. Outlined below is language to change our current by-laws to have a referee be part of executive board, they will work with the board to create and vote on the yearly budget, and will serve as a possible tie-breaker vote on matter in which the board may be split.

Section 6, Item:
G. Referees Director shall perform all duties incident to the office and other duties as may be required by law, by the Articles of Incorporation of the Corporation, or by these by-laws, or which may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors, including, but not limited to 1. advocating for referees interests and serving as the primary contact for referees in the state 2. appointing referees to all matches and tournaments in the state 3. developing and coaching new and existing referees through certification courses and continuing education 4. developing an annual budget for the board 5. attending the FRU AGM and FRU executive board meetings and 6. Establishing subordinate personnel as needed to perform these duties incident to the office such as a development officer, chair of appointments, etc. The referees director will vote on the FRU annual budget and serve as a tie-breaking vote on any matters in which the other members of the board have a split vote. The referees director will be the President of Florida Rugby Referees Association, which the RD must also a member in good standing in order to be nominated. If the President is unable to serve on the FRU board, then the members of the FRRA will nominate a new representative to serve in this role. 

Link to current by-laws to see where this will be included –

We plan to a call this matter to a special meeting of the Union, which will take place 45 days from the notice given here, on Sunday August 23.  There will be an open online discussion prior to voting opening, which was offered during the town hall and emailed out prior, and online voting will take place for 48 hours using this link.

This language will replace the current 7s Director such that the board will still consist of 7 representatives. The duties of the 7s Director will be shared amongst the current board members and the GM. Any language in the by-laws that refers to 7s Director will be replaced with the Referees Director except where it describes how this officer is elected, which is outlined above

Online Vote Link will be provided here.

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