Boys U16s Schedule



Key Biscayne 


League Championship 

  • Each team plays each other home and away 
  • 6 game season, the best team after 6 round is considered the U16 League Champions 


Date Game (1) Game (2)
Feb 1st  Sarasota @ Key Biscayne Okapi @ Wellington
Feb 8th  Key Biscayne @ Okapi Sarasota @ Wellington
Feb 15th  Wellington @ Key Biscayne Okapi @ Sarasota
Feb 22nd Key Biscayne @ Sarasota Wellington @ Okapi 
Feb 29th Wellington @ Sarasota Okapi @ Key Biscayne
Mar 7th Sarasota @ Okapi Key Biscayne @ Wellington
Mar 14th  Spring Breaks 

Sarasota (Mar 14 & 21)

Okapi (Mar 21 & 28) 

Key Biscayne (Mar 21 & 28) 

Wellington (Mar 21 & 28)

Mar 21st 
Mar 28th 


Florida Cup Tournament 

  • April 18th, 2020 
  • We add further teams who have enough players who age eligible for the U16 age group (Jacksonville, Cape, Boynton and others) 
  • Games similar to U19 Florida Cup, shorten to allow for multiple games in a day. 

Archive — 2019 Season Results & Schedule

U17 Standings
Day Date Visiting Team Score Home Team Score Notes
Sat 1/19 Sarasota 25 Boynton 0 Forfeit Boynton
Sat 1/19 Okapi 25 Cape 0
Sat 1/26 Wellington 29 Sarasota 26
Sat 1/26 Boynton 0 Cape 0 Forfeit Boynton – Game played
Sat 2/2 Sarasota 25 Cape 0 Forfeit Cape
Sat 2/9 Wellington 22 Okapi 26
Sat 2/9 Cape 25 Boynton 0 Forfeit Boynton
Sat 2/16 Okapi 22 Wellington 28
Sat 2/23 Boynton 0 Okapi 25 Forfeit Boynton
Fri 3/1 Boynton 0 Wellington 25 Forfeit Boynton
Sat 3/2 Cape 0 Sarasota 25 Forfeit Cape (But game played)
Sat 3/9 Sarasota 0 Okapi 25 Forfeit Sarasota (But game played)
Sun 3/9 Cape 0 Wellington 25 Forfeit Cape
Sat 3/16 Okapi 25 Boynton 0 Forfeit Boynton
Sun 3/16 Sarasota 0 Wellington 25 Forfeit Sarasota

Please note, the FYRU uses the Development Rule where the scores are adjusted to a maximum +25 points difference 

Playoffs Structure 
Top three teams advance to playoffs, those 3 teams will be seeded 1 through 3. 

Due three teams forfeiting and not playing during the season. That leave only Okapi and Wellington left to contest to Championship match on April 13th at the State Championships in Wellington

State Championships – Saturday April 13th 

  • Wellington v Okapi

FYRU Policy For Determining Top Seeds For Conference Standing

  1. Most total points are the top two teams a (4 for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss)
  2. If there is a tie, then the tie breakers in order are:
    1. If a team forfeited a match during the season, they are not eligible for a bye.
    2. Best won/lost percentage for total games played, counting draws but ignoring forfeits (a forfeit is not really a win)
    3. Fewest points per match given up (again, not counting forfeits).  This takes into account a team may have played one more or one less match than another team due to forfeit or a schedule mismatch.
    4. Coin flip.