2021 AGM

Our 9/12 AGM was pushed back until November due to so few clubs being eligible to vote due to our by-laws requiring 15 registered members and a registered L200 coach. We still had a meeting with a President and Treasure’s report, which are linked below. At the November AGM reschedule meeting there were not enough attendees to have quorum for a meeting. We are now moving to take action on elections and by-law changes without a formal meeting. This means we would have nominations and voting online.

Please indicate via this form if your club would like to move forward with online voting for officers and by law changes and new clubs (Ocala is seeking official membership). If we have enough yes votes, we will open up nominations for our various positions. Our current men’s VP, women’s VP, and collegiate directors will be seeking re-nomination but these positions are open for additional nominations. We also have open positions for Treasurer (resigned) and Secretary (pending resignation end of December). These positions can be appointed by the board if there are interested parties.

There will be a motion to amend the agenda such that these by-law changes are addressed prior to the standard agenda set forth in the by-laws.

Proposed by-law change #1:,the%20Monday%20following%20the%20match.&text=No%20communication%20will%20be%20provided,minimum%20term%20of%201%20week.

Proposed by-law change #2:

If the AGM falls within 45 days of the end of the registration calendar, then the previous’s years registration data will be used to determine eligibility for voting.

Proposed by-law change #4:

The outgoing/previous year’s president will serve a year on the board as a non-voting member. This applies if the president ended their term in good standing ie not impeached/removed from office/left office prematurely

Proposed by-law change #5:

The Executive Board may select a representative other than the Union president to represent the FRU to national governing bodies and committees such as the Senior Club Council, USA Rugby, RAN, and World Rugby.

Additional details on the upcoming AGM can also be found at:

2020 AGM

Meeting Minutes


2019 AGM


Annual Report

President’s Presentation

Retention Presentation from Kirk Swanner

Men’s Conference Call for 2019-2020 Season

Sunday, August 11 at 8 PM – call details below
Structure Details:

2018 AGM

September 8th

Meeting Location – Hyatt Place Orlando Airport – 5435 Forbes Pl, Orlando, Florida 32812
Meeting Time – 10am to 1pm
2018 Meeting Minutes
Meeting Recording (3hrs)

2017 AGM

June 25th

Meeting Location — Orlando Public Library – 101 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801
Meeting Room — Albertson Room  — 3rd Floor
Meeting Time — 2pm to 5pm
2017 — Meeting Minutes

2016 AGM

June 26
Meeting Location — Orlando Public Library – 101 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801
Meeting Room — Cypress Room  — 3rd Floor
Meeting Time — 130pm to 430pm
Meeting Agenda (from the bylaws)
1. The “President” (as hereinafter defined) will report on the affairs of the Union during the period since the last Annual General Meeting; -subreport by GM – General Manager Report
2. The “Treasurer” (as hereinafter defined) will report on the financial affairs of the Union during the period since the last Annual General Meeting;
3. The Union members shall elect the Union Officers for the coming year; – N/A for 2016, not an election year
4. The Union shall address any scheduling issues related to upcoming year, as a whole group or through subcommittee meetings organized by divisions – President will ask prior to meeting to move this to end – Mens D2 Proposal – Mens D3 Proposal
5. The Union shall address the budget related to upcoming year (see role of Officers in setting budget in Article 6)
6. The Union shall consider any new business (including agenda items submitted by members).
7. The members will consider any applications for Union membership by new clubs, which
consideration shall be subject to the provisions of Section 2.01(a) hereof – Tampa Krewe Women may apply. Membership change for UNF to Associate Status.

2015 AGM

July 19th 2015 – 9:30 am

Paper copies of the agenda, budget, and by-laws will not be distributed at the meeting. Please bring paper or electronic copies for personal use if needed.

Agenda and Meeting Materials

Presidents Report Draft


DoubleTree By Hilton Orlando Downtown

60 S. Ivanhoe Boulevard

Orlando FL 32804

Other Meetings/Minutes

April 5th – Pelicans Appeal Decision

June 29 2014 AGM Meeting Minutes

2014 GU Membership meeting Agenda- Draft in progress – and Information

FRU GU EC Meeting MInutes 8/22/13

July 21 Meeting Minutes

Executive Meeting Agenda 6/12/13

Executive Meeting 6/12/13 Minutes

Executive Meeting Agenda 6/19/13

Executive Meeting Minutes 6/19/13

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