Coronavirus and Covid-19 Management

Florida Rugby Union Coronavirus and COVID-19 Update (last updated 9/9/2021):

We at the FRU implementing standards so that our members can safely play the sport we love. We cannot do this without your help. Please follow all CDC and FRU guidelines regarding social distancing, safety, appropriate match rescheduling and canceling of training, etc. If you do not feel comfortable playing, we fully support your decision and encourage your clubs and teammates to do the same.  For those looking to play rugby, the FRU are supporting you by providing a schedule, referees, and flexibility. Please work within the guidelines set forth so that we can have a positive (covid negative) season.

In line with USA Rugby’s published guidelines, the Florida Rugby Union & Florida Youth Rugby Union have created these policies to help guide teams through the complicated process of playing rugby in Florida during the pandemic. These policies are subject to change dependent on the current CDC and local health guidelines and circumstances surrounding the virusYour regional health mandate supersedes any policy outlined by the FRU, USA Rugby, or World Rugby: 

FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THESE GUIDELINES WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION NOT LIMITED TO SUSPENSION OF PLAY. Referees are asked to not call an unsanctioned game and will be reimbursed by the FRU (who will then bill the home club) if they determine on game day that the match participants are not compliant.

Fall 2021 Match & Training Guidelines -draft pending approval from FRU board

  1. Each club needs to have an administrator who has taken the World Rugby COVID19 Education Module. 
  2. Review USA Rugby’s published guidelines 
  3. Players or non-playing staff with a high temperature *>100.4) or any symptoms should not attend training or the facility.                                                         
  4. TRACKING – clubs need to continue to track who attends all training and matches for the purposes of contact tracing for item #5
  5. Clubs are highly encouraged to perform symptom checks for players prior to all trainings and matches. If a club does not plan to do symptom checks, they need to have electronic or written documentation that each club member is aware of the symptoms- this symptom checking and/or training could be established using a team form – example or Team Snap
  6. In the case of a positive test – Quarantine for all those who have been in close contact with  someone who has COVID-19 – for rugby this means they were at training or a game or a team event with this person – unless you have been fully vaccinated. People who are fully vaccinated do NOT need to quarantine after contact with someone who had COVID-19 unless they have symptoms. However, fully vaccinated people should get tested 3-5 days after their exposure, even if they don’t have symptoms and wear a mask indoors in public for 14 days following exposure or until their test result is negative. For those not vaccinated, they may return to play after day 7 after receiving a negative test result (test must occur on day 5 or later) or after 10 days if they have no symptoms.

Guide from January 2021 –

Match Play

Additional information on returning to MATCH play can be found here.


Guidelines for hosting socials. 

Contact training 

  1. Return to play documents (including training requirements) still need to be submitted to FRU for clubs returning to training.
  2. Contact training needs approval from the county/local health authority to participate in contact sports. At this time, the colleges and universities need to follow their college’s rules. Please provide a letter to the FRU from your county or a screenshot and link to your county’s website, it may list rugby or it may list “adult organized sports” are allowed.
  3. All participants must be registered as full usa rugby members (not the training registration) to participate in contact training or matches
  4. Temperature Checks are still required, as well as sanitizing equipment, logging players present, players not participating if positive for 14 days (or 2 negative tests following a positive), and keeping within county numbers

Return to Play Steps (most clubs have completed)

Your regional health mandate supersedes any policy outlined by the FRU, USA Rugby, or World Rugby: 

If your local county allows social activity such as sports and gatherings then you can create a plan for how you can return to play via the steps below.

The insurance policies have an exclusion for communicable diseases and pandemic/epidemics, so while a broken leg would be covered, COVID itself is not.

  • Youth/High School Teams, if you are a youth and/or high school team looking to return to play please carefully read the CDC and Florida Health Guidelines for this.

Florida Rugby Template Documents – REQUIRED TO PLAY OR TRAIN AT ANY LEVEL

  • Return to Play Authorization LetterTo be completed by the club before they begin practices, this document must be completed, club name inserted in the required sections, and signed by both the lead coach and the club administrator. The signed and the completed form should be emailed to Florida Rugby General Manager Evan Haigh (evan.haigh at 
  • Return to Play Participant LogTo be completed by the club lead for each practice and match and/or team meeting, this should be stored by the club representative — For clubs who want to use it o an iPad in excel form here is the excel version.

If you are a college club, your school’s policy should also be consulted for guidance and it also takes precedence over any FRU policy.

USA Rugby has a detailed return to play guideline, we have abbreviated this below for the FRU.

Step 1: Reference your local health mandate using this link to determine what local guidelines apply. If social activity such as sports and gatherings as outlined below are allowed, proceed to Step 2. If sports and gatherings are not allowed yet, you cannot play rugby yet.

Step 2: Your coach and at least one club administrator need to complete the World Rugby Return to Play online modules. Then, determine the suggested activity level allowed by your city/county and cross-reference each element with local health protocol. Stages listed below outline which activity level is appropriate based upon city/county guidelines. If you are past stage 2 in the chart proceed to Step 3. A larger reference file can be found on page 6 of this link. Use this link for Symptom Checks to be performed at training.

[pdf-embedder url=””]

Step 3:

  1. Develop rugby activity plans for training and competition based on the determined stage.
  2. Present activity plans with local health officials for assurance of safety and public welfare. Upon local approval, contact the FRU (email Evan Haigh) to let us know you have resumed and what stage of activities. If your local authority defers you to get governing body approval first, please contact the FRU (email Evan Haigh) with your proposal first.


This Stage 3 guide has been reviewed by local medical and scientific professionals and is intended to mitigate the risk of participants. Each county/city across the state may have different guidelines, and thus teams must follow their local guidelines even if other teams have moved forward to a different stage.

USA Rugby Update Page which also includes document linked above:

If you have specific questions the above information does not answer, please email inquiries to president AT

Future Guide for when state guidelines reduce restrictions:

Currently Approved and/or waiting to be Approved

Club FRU – Agreement World Rugby Certs P&R Contract/Approval School Approval (Colleges) Approved (Yes/No) Notes
Jacksonville Men, Women, HS & Youth Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes Duval County cleared for contact
Okapi Wanderers Men, HS & Youth Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Broward County Cleared for Contact
Orlando Men, Women & HS Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Sarasota Rugby Club, Men & HS Yes Yes N/A N/A Yes
Tampa Bay Krewe Men, Women, HS & Youth Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Hillsborough County cleared for contact
Daytona Men Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes The city of Ormond Beach cleared for full play
SoFlo Rugby Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
UF Men & Women Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
UCF Men & Women Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
Boca Raton Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Palm Beach County Cleared for Contact
Brevard Old Red Eye Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes Brevard County cleared for contact
Stormers 7s Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Bay Area Pelicans Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
The City of St. Petersburg is cleared for contact
Palm Beach Panthers Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Palm Beach County Cleared for Contact
Indian River Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Ft Miami Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Fort Lauderdale Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Broward County Cleared for Contact
Key Biscayne Rats Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Central Florida Claymores Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Miami Tridents RFC Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
FSU Men & Women Beginning the process with the school – waiting on WR Certs & FRU agreements
FIU Men & Women Beginning the process with the school – waiting on WR Certs & FRU agreements
Wellington Wizards Beginning the process with getting a P&R contract – waiting on WR Certs & FRU agreements
USF Men & Women School 100% remote activities for the Fall Semester
UNF Men The school has canceled all Fall Club Sports
FAU Men & Women Beginning the process with the school – waiting on WR Certs & FRU agreements