Match Day Process

Florida Rugby Match Day Process 

While this is a time of transition for all of us, there are some aspects of the game that remain the same. You need to confirm your referee and the opposition the Wednesday prior to the match. For the visiting team, you need to confirm with the host you will be playing. If your team cannot meet their match obligations, this should be the latest deadline to communicate this to the opposition and the referee.

Pay the Referee before the Match

  • The referee is paid $80 per match for senior rugby and $70 for u19s rugby

Rosters & Registered Players 

  1. Ensure that all of your players are registered with USA Rugby by checking the Public Rosters at 
    1. All players must be fully registered, no players are allowed to play if they are registered as a “Training Only” option. 
  2. Print out your club’s Public Roster and other rosters should you have players registered with another club. Please note, once a player has played a league game with one club they can not switch to another club mid-season. 
  3. Write the jersey number next to the correlating player on the printed out roster form(s)
  4. Track the score during the match, ensuring that you count the tries, conversions, penalties, and drop goals. 
  5. At the conclusion of the match, go to  and complete the online form on your phone and submit a picture(s) of the completed roster. We would prefer that all scores be sent in by 7 pm after the match however, the deadline will remain at 9 pm on Monday morning. 

Please note 

  • Opposing teams and/or the referees may request to complete an ID check of all participating players to ensure that they are registered with USA Rugby and the FRU. The FRU may send a representative to your match to check IDs.
  • Players outside of the FRU must register/transfer to an FRU team before they can play in a league match. 

COVID Requirements

  1. Screening should take place similar to training for temperatures
  2. A log of participants/roster must be kept by each club of their own players (Each club manages their own affairs on this)
  3. Any player that has tested positive within 14 days of a match may not participate or attend the match. The player may participate if they test negative 2 times following the positive test. 
  4. Spectators – 6’ apart, attendance limited to county gathering numbers, on the opposite sideline from players, no contact with players if running thru a post-match tunnel (12’ apart with players running down the midline)
  5. Following a match, if any player tests positive from either club within 14 days, they must notify the opposing club and the FRU. It is then the responsibility of the club administration to notify all players that attended the match.

Technical Zones

Technical zones are still required. This is not new and is more important than ever. The separation of teams and spectators is not only essential in the current COVID climate, but it is also a mandatory requirement of World Rugby and USA Rugby. Below you will find these guidelines.

Post Match Socials
The FRU has generated some recommendations regarding post-match socials, these can be found on our COVID page and at this link: