The Men’s Division Two championship is the Premier Men’s Rugby competition in Florida. Clubs from across the state compete to be the Florida State Champions. In 2016 the division grew from 8 teams to 9 teams with Okapi Wanderers from Weston joining the division.

Each team within the division also competes in a B-Side competition called the Orange Cup. The Orange Cup also plays for a State Championship. The idea is create more opportunities for new players and encourage clubs to grow beyond being a signal team club.

2018 Season 

For the 2018 season we moved to a three group system to reduce travel impact on teams. Here are the three Groups:

[team_gallery id=”13767″ title=”Men’s Division 2 – North Group” number=”3″ columns=”3″ orderby=”name” show_full_table_link=”1″ align=”none”]

[team_gallery id=”13768″ title=”Men’s Division 2 – South Group 1″ number=”3″ columns=”3″ orderby=”name” show_full_table_link=”1″ align=”none”]

[team_gallery id=”13769″ title=”Men’s Division 2 – South Group 2″ number=”3″ columns=”3″ orderby=”name” show_full_table_link=”1″ align=”none”]

  • Each team will play home & away within their respective groups
  • Each team will play (4) crossover matches against teams from the other (2) groups, (2) home & (2) away. These crossover matches will count towards your teams standings.
  • The teams who advance into playoffs are as follows:
    • The (3) group champions, which are seeded 1 through 3 based on their overall won-lost-tied record.
    • (1) Wildcard team which is the team with the best overall record of all remaining teams across all groups. This team will be the 4th seed.
    • Seed (1) will host Seed (4) and Seed (2) will host Seed (3)
    • The (2) winning teams will advance to the State Championships on April 21st

[team_standings id=”13401″ title=”OVERAL DIVISIONAL RANKINGS” number=”9″ columns=”p,w,l,d,pf,pa,pd,bp,pts” show_team_logo=”1″ show_full_table_link=”0″ align=”none”]

Men’s rugby in Florida has had a rich history of producing national championship teams and many highly succesfull national tournament appearances. After USA Rugby competitions alignment in 2012, the Florida Rugby Union Geographical Union formed and along with it a State Championship match which has now developed into a highly succesfull State Championship Event hosted at end of April of each year. Below you can see a list of the previous Florida State Champions.

Men’s Division Two

Men’s Orange Cup 

Team Resources 

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