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At the February meeting of the FRU, we voted to apply to USA Rugby (USAR) for GU consideration and are looking to follow that up with membership approval (see below). We are waiting approval of the application from USAR. The FRU executive committee has reviewed the by-laws and would like to ask clubs to electronically approve the GU formation and GU by-laws prior to our meeting on July 21. The main reason is that both the existing by-laws and new by-laws require amendments to be distributed to the membership prior to the meeting.  If we approve the by-laws prior to the meeting, then we will have adequate time to provide notice of suggested changes from the membership. The meeting on July 21 would then serve to amend the by-laws, approve the budget, and elect GU officers. We could not vote to form the FRU GU at the last meeting as the by-laws had not been drafted with the USAR template.

The by-laws with changes to the FRU existing by-laws highlighted can be found at:
FRU Bylaws June 19 Revision
If approved, these can be amended at the July 21 meeting.
We are asking that clubs comment below on the comments area OR email with one of the following ( please add your club name in the email):
I approve the FRU GU formation and the GU by-laws
I do not approve the FRU GU formation and the GU by-laws
If you wish to amend the by-laws, please provide the motion and wording in your email or comment. All amendments will be given consideration at the meeting July 21.

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