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Florida Rugby Women’s/Girls Rugby Development Call

Hello All,
It’s my hope that this email finds you well and that you and your members are staying safe. It seems like ages since we’ve had rugby in our lives. But I know that doesn’t mean planning the year for your clubs stops. The same goes for the FRU’s goals for the state. There has been a lot of random posts, articles, policies, and updates floating around; to which understandably can be difficult to keep track of.
One of my main goals in the coming years is to work alongside the FYRU and Collegiate directors to unite our clubs and bridge the generation gap between the age groups/divisions, as well as, promote the growth of women/girl rugby players and clubs, coaches and referees. With the FRU AGM fast approaching on September 12, I would like to have a conference call with just the women’s and girls clubs as a way to reconnect and discuss more intimately the details and events that pertain specifically to us in the coming year.
Club administrators and coaches, please join me, Evan (FRU General Manager and FRYU coordinator)  and Jessie Premet (FRU Collegiate Director) on Monday, August 17 at 8pm for a conference call to include senior and collegiate women’s clubs, as well as, high school girls clubs . I invite you to bring more than one representative from your club if you so choose. See the link below for access to the Zoom.
If your primary club contact information has changed, please let us know so we can make appropriate changes. I look forward to our meetings. And as always, please contact me if you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas. Stay well.
Mary Leigh Miller is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting on Monday August 17 at 8pm.
Topic: FL Women’s Rugby Conference Call
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 718 587 2773
Passcode: 5nJPmz
Mary Leigh Miller
Senior Women’s Director
Florida Rugby Union
(352) 504-5154

Florida Rugby Union’s Plan for the Future

Florida Rugby Union
Plan for the Future

These are difficult times for the world we live in and for rugby both in our country and internationally. We at the FRU want to assure the Florida Rugby Community that we are financially strong and have the funding to ensure that all of our members will be able to continue playing rugby once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

USA Rugby Bankruptcy Filing & Insurance 

As you may be aware, USA Rugby has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and we have been contingency planning for a number of months now both internally and with others around the country. We still do not have the exact details on exactly how the re-organization will work nor are we sure what will be approved by the court as USA Rugby moves forward. However, we do know the major ways this does/could impact us;

  • Insurance- USA Rugby blanket liability and medical coverage are what allows to us rent fields for both matches and for practices. We have been investigating a number of options to ensure we have insurance moving forward,

    • Option 1) USA Rugby continues their current plan which we are covered under and no changes needed. We are getting exact clarification on this from USA Rugby.

    • Option 2) We are currently getting quotes from insurance providers to be active once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

    • Option 3) A national bodies form around competitions of play, for example, the all Club Rugby would gain insurance together nationally, the same for Collegiate and Youth/High School. This is likely only in event that USA Rugby does not make it out of the Chapter 11 process.

    • Beyond the end of the normal CIPP/Registration cycle which ends on August 31st we are unsure exactly how insurance will look. We are continuing to plan for options both regionally and nationally. Once we have a clearer idea of the exact path we communicate this to all of our members.

  • Registration, like insurance player/coach registration, is currently done nationally via USA Rugby. We have to wait and see exactly what is going to happen on this front from a National standpoint. We are well situated on this front if we are forced to do this regionally, Florida Youth already does their own registration locally and if needed we can transition to their new provider SportLomo very quickly due to Evan’s experience working with this program.

  • National Championships- all National Championships this year are currently canceled. Depending on re-organization over the summer we could have a very similar process to National Championships or we could more regionalized championships. Again this is very hard to determine at this time we are actively involved in the discussions around this on a National front.

Springs 15s 

With the USA Rugby suspension of play until May 31st, this effectively ends any chance of any more 15s rugby before the summer 7s season. We have decided as the FRU board that the Spring 2020 season has been officially canceled and no further play will happen as it relates to the spring 15s competitive season. This is not the conclusion of the Spring season we would have liked but we feel this is the only option available to us.

Summer 7s 

We are not able to confirm exactly when play will be allowed to continue for rugby, obviously, we are closely monitoring the impact both USA Rugby situation and the COVID-19 situation. There is a very high chance we will be forced to delay and/or cancel the Summer 7s season; we will work with the tournament directors to look at other dates but we are unable to confirm any changes at this time. We would love to see all of the 7s tournaments happen over the summer and will do what we can to help adjust dates once the suspension is lifted.

Our General 7s Policies have been updated, to better reflect how our current 7s season works.

All-Florida Representative Teams

Congratulations to those selected to this new program put forth this fall/spring by the FRU. We are excited to see that several teams took the time and initiative to vote for their players or even at times, the opposing team’s players as the best player of the match. Given that this is a new program, there may have been some confusion on deadlines and participation that we anticipate will improve with time. To clarify, for the 2019/2020 season, we implemented a voting process that club admin/coaches would use to enter a player of the match for forwards and backs. The winning team was allowed to enter a third player as an overall player of the match. The universal adoption of this process has been slower than expected. All players who were listed on D2, D3, D4, and Women’s all received votes by their respective club admins & coaches. If some deserving players did not make the list, then please get with your club coaches and make sure they adopt the process for the 2020/2021 season. Hopefully, moving into 2021 and 2022 we will could this tool as a way to select an All-Florida Select Side.

Return of All Florida Day 

We are excited to announce that we are intending on bringing back All Florida Day Tournament for a date during Fall. We are unable to confirm an exact date and/or location until we have a clearer understanding of when the COVID-19 suspension of play will be lifted. Our goal is to provide an exciting single-day tournament that would allow the whole Florida Rugby community to come together to celebrate the return of 15s rugby for the season.

We will continue the endeavor to keep everyone informed on the USA Rugby situation and any insight we have on when Rugby will be allowed to return to playing after the pandemic.


Kind Regards,
Kerri O’Malley, on behalf of the FRU Board & Administration
FRU President

New Coach Development Software

The Florida Rugby Union (FRU) in partnership with the Florida Youth Rugby Union (FYRU) are investing in the development of coaches across the state.  Both organizations have partnered with Ignite Rugby to provide all registered coaches with a new Web-Based Platform and Smartphone application to further assist in their on-going development.  The platform is a 3-Way Joint Venture combining World Cup, Super Rugby, and European Cup winning/playing and coaching experience with a North American Technology partner.

Key partners:

  • Former Australian Football League (AFL) Premiership winner and for over 30 years a Professional Coach in the AFL, National Rugby League, with Scotland Rugby and more recently as the All Black Skills Coach between 2005 & 2015 and their Back to Back World Cup wins – Mick Byrne.
  • Another former World Cup winner and the first Player-Coach to win a World Cup and both major Provincial Competitions in both hemispheres (Super Rugby & European Cup) – long-term Fox Sports Analyst – Rod Kafer.
  • StackSports – USA based technology partner who have a suite of technologies supporting the North American Sporting market that include:  Major League Baseball, USA Football, USA Lacrosse etc.

Ignite Rugby’s vision is “to allow practical coaching advice to be accessible anywhere, anytime, up-skilling coaches in Florida, ensuring players get the most out of their rugby. We will continue to update content to move with new trends in the game.”

The platform provides video-based education in and around training, focusing on giving coaches the skills to understand the ‘Why’, ‘What’ and ‘How’ of coaching which facilitates learning environments that are enjoyable for all participants.

Given that most coaches in Florida receive their Level 200 certification, but often do not have many local opportunities for continuing education, Florida Rugby saw the need to re-invest resources in coaching development. This was reinforced by a survey of the coaches, which emphasized a desire from most coaches for more local learning opportunities to improve their abilities to plan training and provide new skills to players.  Kerri O’Malley, FRU President, believes “the coach is a vital part of creating and maintaining a successful rugby club; quality practices and training improve player retention, which leads to more success for the club both on and off the field.”

The coaching platform is planned to fully launch in Fall of 2020 at the FRU AGM & Summit, with a pilot group of coaches testing the program in Spring of 2020 to determine the best ways it can serve Florida Rugby. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Kerri O’Malley at

More information on the Ignite Platform can be found at:

The Return of the All Florida Rugby Teams

All Florida Honorary Teams

The FRU is creating Divisional All Florida Teams, these are honorary teams selected via accumulation of voting points over the course of the season. The top (15) players with the highest voting points at the conclusion of the season will be announced as members of their Divisional All Florida Team. 

Each team Head Coach will be requested to complete voting for their match. They are asked to pick their game’s best forward and best back from either team. The winning team will be given a third vote from the match. Each vote a player receives gives them (1) point in the season tally. The season tally will be updated weekly with (1) player from across all of the Divisions announced as the Player of the Round. 

The Divisions completing this will be 

  • Men’s Premier 
  • Women’s Premier 
  • Men’s Division (3)
  • Men’s Division (4) 
  • Women’s College 

Voting should be completed by coaches by 9am on Monday morning following their match, via this link

Ideally, we are able to post via social media the current player standing on this to drive awareness and interest in being apart of one of the All Florida Teams. 

All Florida Representative Teams

Longer-term we are looking to create both a traveling Men’s and Women’s All Florida Representative team. This team’s focus is more on the development of players and coaches. Teams are looking to be more representative of all of the clubs rather than being an All-Star team. 

Men’s Representative Team 

  • Each of (19) Men’s clubs across the three divisions will be allotted (5) players to be able to attend a selection camp, for a maximum of 95 players total able to attend the camp. 
  • In the event there spots available for the selection camp, these spots will be offered the champions and runners up of each division first in the order of Premier, D3 & D4. 
  • The program coach/selectors must select in the final squad (1) player from each club.
  • In the event a club does not send any players the program coach/selectors will not be required to select a player from that club. 

Women’s Representative Team 

  • Each of (5) Senior Women’s clubs plus the (8) College Women’s Clubs will be allotted given (8) players to attend a selection camp, for a maximum of (104) players total able to attend the camp. 
  • In the event there are spots available for the selection camp, these spots will be offered the champions and runners up of each division. 
  • The program coach/selectors must select in the final squad (1) player from each club.
  • In the event a club does not send any players the program coach/selectors will not be required to select a player from that club. 

We will begin researching possible tournaments and opponents for this to ensure we have an appropriate budget, as well as communicate with players for their desire to participate with a team like this. 

FCC 7s at USF

By the time the sun sets Saturday, we will know which Florida-based university will be representing our state at the national 7s tournament.
At the first round of the Florida Collegiate Conference 7s tournament, held in September, the University of South Florida scored a last-second try to beat hosts Florida Atlantic University and win the first round. Newly-promoted Florida Gulf Coast University impressed by placing fourth, just behind last year’s winner, Florida International University.
The teams would like to welcome any and all fans to the event being held this Saturday, October 12th at the University of South Florida.
USF Sycamore Fields
501 USF Sycamore Drive,
Tampa, FL 33617
Facebook event – FCC 7s at USF
Event photo galleries from round one:
FCC Premier – Tampa Tournament (10/12/19) Open Check In Times
Pool A Pool B USF FAU 9:00
UF 9:00
FGCU 9:00
UCF 9:00
Field 1 Field 2
10:00 FAU v UNF UM v UF (2nds) Series Standings Series Points Points Diff
10:25 FIU v FSU UCF (2nds) v USF (2nds) 1st USF 22 33
10:50 USF v UF 2nd FAU 19 29
11:15 FGCU v UCF FSU (2nds) v UF (2nds) 3rd FIU 17 46
11:40 UNF v FIU UCF (2nds) v UM 4th FGCU 15 -23
12:05 FAU v FSU UF (2nds) v USF (2nds) 5th UCF 13 45
12:30 FGCU v UF FSU (2nds) v UM 6th FSU 12 -31
12:55 USF v UCF 7th UNF 0 -46
1:20 FSU v UNF USF (2nds) v UM 8th UF 0 -53
1:45 FAU v FIU UCF (2nds) v FSU (2nds)
2:10 UCF v UF
2:35 USF v FGCU UCF (2nds) v UF
3:00 Break FSU (2nds) v USF
3:25 3rd Pool A v 4th Pool B 3rd Pool B v 4th Pool A
3:50 1st Pool A v 2nd Pool B 1st Pool B v 2nd Pool A
4:10 Break
4:20 5th/6th Match
4:45 3rd/4th Match
5:10 1st/2nd Match

Florida Jaguares Successfully Defend their South RCT Title

Congratulations to the Florida Jaguares Boys Middle School squad who won the USA Rugby Regional Cup Tournament (RCT) for the second year in a row!!! They scored 100 points and conceding 0 in the two years the Jaguares have scored 272 points and conceded just 5 congratulations to all involved with this wonderful squad. 

It was really successful trip to Tennessee for all of the traveling Florida teams. The Florida Dragons also participated in the South RCT tournament and performed great in both the Tier 2 and Tier 1 divisions.  The Jaguares also entered for the first time a Tier 2 team came in 3rd behind very experienced teams from Virginia and North Carolina. 

Florida players also achieved multiple selections to USA Rugby HSAA, EIRA and USA South. We would like to congratulate these players!! 

  • Gabriel Hayden – EIRA tour to Canada – Okapi Wanderers 
  • Liam Matla – EIRA tour to Canada – Okapi Wanderers
  • Jaxson Patterson – EIRA tour to Canada – Wellington Wizards
  • Jake Houd – EIRA tour to Canada – Wellington Wizards
  • Aidan Porto – EIRA tou to Canada – Wellington Wizards
  • Angus Kelly – USA Rugby HSAA 7s – Key Biscayne Rats
  • KamRon Young – USA Rugby HSAA 7s – Wellington Wizards
  • David Rimes – USA Rugby HSAA 7s – Jupiter Sharks 
  • Will Rimes – USA South – Wellington Wizards 
  • Mikey Komlo – USA South – Wellington Wizards 
  • Josh Schwartz – USA South – Wellington Wizards 
  • Cody Paholich – USA South – Okapi Wanderers 
  • Adrian Suarez – USA South – Okapi Wanderers
  • Franco Jauregui – USA South – Okapi Wanderers

Florida Jaguars Middle School Squad
2019 South RCT Champions