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Florida Rugby is Hiring

Both the Florida Rugby Union and Florida Youth Rugby Union are hiring Game Day Assistants. The roles are slightly different for each Union but Game Day Assistants may work for both Unions. We are looking for Game Day Assistants in the following areas:

    • South East Florida (Miami, Ft Lauderdale & Palm Beach)
    • South Gulf Coast (Naples & Ft Myers)
    • Central Florida (Daytona, Coco, Sebastian, Orlando)
    • Central Gulf Coast (Sarasota, Tampa & St Pete)
    • North Florida (Jacksonville, Gainesville & Tallahassee)

Bellow is the job descriptions for both Union’s positions. If you are interest please complete this application at, or contact Evan Haigh at for more information.

Florida Rugby Union (Adult & College)

Game Day Assistant

Job Description:

Acting as Florida Rugby Staff member, the Match Assistant will: Assist with game day compliance checking to including roster check and match day forms. Input scores into USA Stats for both clubs. Will Touch Judge or Assistant Referee the match for the away team if the match does not have assigned Assistant Referees.

Task to be performed:

  1. One hour prior to Kick Off, cross check photo IDs with names on USA Rugby Roster and the Florida Rugby Match Day Form.
    1. Players without a valid photo ID will not be allowed to compete in the match (Having photo/copy of the ID will also be accepted)
  2. Inspect field for required safety and field preparations to include proper goal post padding, full sideline restraints at least 5M from sideline, and the presence of technical boxes. Match will not be allowed to kick off until field is in compliance.
  3. Act as touch judge (or Assistant Referee if certified) for away club side. Ensure that technical boxes are adhered to during match duration. Coach & Support Staffs language, behaviour and conduct are within the World Rugby Regulations.
  4. Post match, input scoring, rosters, substitutions into USA Rugby stats system for both clubs.


  • $20 for pre and post match reporting
  • $20 for Touch Judge or $40 for Assistant Referee per match

Florida Youth Rugby Union (Youth & High School)

Game Day Assistant

Job Description:

Acting as Florida Rugby Staff member, the Match Assistant will anonymously observe coaches, players and supporters behavior, along with ensuring proper match field set up and protocols are completed.

Task to be performed:

  1. One hour prior to Kick Off, observe the field set up
    1. Ensuring the spectators are one side of the field and coaches/players on the other
    2. Observe the spectator and coaches interactions prior to matches
    3. Inspect field for required safety and field preparations to include proper goal post padding, full sideline restraints at least 5M from sideline, and the presence of technical boxes
  2. During the match observe player, coach and spectator behavior note and if need take pictures of any issues.
  3. Within 3 hrs post match, complete match report to the General Manager


  • $40 per match day report completed

Florida Cup Standings & Finals Location

The intent of the Florida Cup & Challenge Cup was to provide teams, players and referees with more opportunities to develop and play in organized play over the Fall. We tried different play structure and other scheduling flexibility to allow for this occur. Unfortunately, with the large number of forfeits this Fall the Florida Cup has failed to truly serve its developmental purpose. We are currently reviewing option for next Fall and we will be requesting feedback from clubs in next month whilst everyone is still fresh with their frustrations from the Fall.

The Florida Cup Final will go ahead as planned with the 1st placed team from each pool playing each other on December 15th.  We are pleased to announce that Okapi has won the bid host the event. This event will be combined with a large youth and rugby day happening. They have an inbound touring U19 team from Namibia along with a U15 tournament. It will be a great day out.

Florida Cup Location
Tequesta Trace Park
600 Indian Trace
Weston, Florida, 33326
230pm – Kick Off

Pool A
Team Win Loss Forfeit Points + Points – Points DIff Comp Points
Sarasota 3 0 0 52 7 45 12
Okapi 2 1 0 145 91 54 8
Boca Raton 2 1 1 81 25 56 6
Orlando 0 2 0 24 121 -97 0
Jacksonville 0 3 2 19 40 -21 -4
Pool B
Team Win Loss Forfeit Points + Points – Points DIff Comp Points
Tridents 4 0 0 117 20 97 16
Indian River 2 1 0 67 77 -10 8
Palm Beach 2 1 1 61 53 8 6
Miami 0 3 1 53 88 -35 -2
Ft Lauderdale 0 3 3 0 60 -60 -6
  • Tridents have qualified from Pool B already
  • The winner of Okapi and Sarasota this weekend will determine who qualifies from pool A

FYRU Board Applications Now Open

Due to Martin Gardner’s resignation, there is now one Board seat open which needs to be filled by a qualified candidate.  The term is for four years.  If you wish to serve, please send an email to:

No particular format is required.  Please provide the following in the email:

*  Educational Background

*  Military Service (if applicable)

*  Rugby Experience (in all roles)

*  Current Role in the Sport of Rugby

*  Why you would like to be on the Board

*  What you think you will bring to the Board

Click here to complete the application

All applications must be received by Tom Pirelli by November 15, 2018.  The two top candidates will be determined by the Board of Directors and presented for a vote at the coaches’ meeting on December 10th at 8pm.  The top vote getter will become the fifth Board member.



FYRU – 2018 AGM

FYRU AGM is on Sunday October 21st at 1pm. The meeting will be held at the Wanderers Club in Wellington it is located at 1900 Aero Club Drive Wellington, FL 33414.

AGM Location
1900 Aero Club Drive
Wellington, FL 33414
Start Time: 1pm

For those clubs who are unable to make it to the AGM, we will have a webinar available. Bellow is the details to log into our webinar. 

FYRU AGM – Oct 21st 2018
Sun, Oct 21, 2018 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (224) 501-3412

Access Code: 126-729-645

First GoToMeeting? Let’s do a quick system check:

Congratulations to FIU Men’s Rugby – 2018 FCC 7s Champions

Congratulations to Florida International University Men’s Rugby for winning the the inaugural Florida Collegiate Conference 7s Championship. The (8) team FCC 7s Championship was staged over two tournaments, the first hosted by USF in Tampa on September 29th which was then followed by FAU hosing in Boca Raton on October 13th. Impressively FIU went 10-0 over the course of two tournaments conceding only four tries in their 10 matches.

The final FCC series standings

  1. FIU
  2. UCF
  3. USF
  4. UF
  5. UNF
  6. FSU
  7. UM
  8. FAU

Both tournaments marked a big step forward in College Rugby in Florida. This new alliance of the Florida Colleges is already baring fruit with both tournaments featuring open divisions designed to provide playing opportunities for all players. The spirit and standard of rugby within this division was outstanding and shows the the FCC is beginning on solid foundations.

Match Videos Are Available Here

FIU now head to USA Rugby’s National 7s Championship Tournament for the third year in row. The Florida Rugby Union wishes them best of luck as they take on the best teams from around the country.

Full match results from both tournaments are here

Florida Women’s Rugby Developmental Camp

The FRU is very excited to be hosting the Women’s Rugby Development Camp in Tampa, FL! We hope this day will allow every skill level player to learn and grow, as well as coaches attending the chance to learn something from other coaches. This is as much a player development day as it is a coach development day. Below are the details for the event:

When: October 6, 2018
Where: 4719 E. Regnas Ave. Tampa, FL 33612
Start Time: 9:00am
End Time: Approximately 3:00pm

The field is located very closely to Busch Gardens if anyone plans on staying the weekend. All hotels listed above provide shuttle service to Busch Gardens and are also very close to it as well.

Format for the Women’s Development Camp:

  • 9:00am to 9:30am -Warm up and break up into Rookies and Vets
  • 9:30am to 10:00am 3 drill station rotation
    • Vets -Handling / Decision making / Skill Game
    • Rookies – Pass Tech / Catch & Pass / Decision Making
  • 10:00am to 10:30am  2 drill station rotation
    • Vets: Tackle Tech  / small sided Tackle game
    • Rookies: Tackle Tech / small sided tackle game
  • 10:30am to 11:00am  2 drill station rotation –
    • Vets:  Ruck contest  / Ruck contest game
    • Rookies:  Ruck Tech / Ruck contest game
  • 11:00am to 11:15am -Player breaks & Coach evaluations
  • 11:15am to 12:00p -Team preparations/warm up/practice
  • 12:00pm and on -Scrimmage
    • Most likely two, 40 minute matches
    • If we have enough players, we may set up 4 teams and rotate every 20 minutes or so
    • We will stop play when there is an important teaching moment, however we  do not want to stop the flow of the game too often.

Hotel Information (all within 3 miles of the field):

Holiday Inn Express & Suites= $72 per night
2807 E. Busch Blvd. Tampa, FL 33612

La Quinta Inn= $74 per night
9202 N. 30th St. Tampa, FL 33612

Econo Lodge Busch Gardens= $56 per night
4139 E. Busch Blvd. Tampa, FL 33617

Hampton Inn & Suites Tampa Busch Gardens Area= $111 per night
3333 E. Busch Blvd. Tampa, FL 33612

Florida Rugby Union is Recruiting New Referees – up to $500 bonus.

If you are interested in becoming a referee in the state of Florida and want to be notified when we offer referee courses or for more information about becoming a ref, please fill out this contact form. We will refund your course fee after you call (3) fifteen’s matches (high school, college, or senior rugby) and we will pay you $500 if you call (8) fifteen’s matches (on different days) and can achieve a 10-6 score on the beep test within a year of certification. The Florida Rugby Union is sponsoring this program to incentivize more fit people to become active referees in the state.

FRU Moves to Revise Current Discipline Policy

As discussed at the recent AGM, we will be working to review our current discipline guidelines and by-laws. Tonight we will be participating in a webinar hosted by USA Rugby that is meant to inform about efficient and fair processes, review Regulations from World Rugby, and how they apply to local rugby in the USA. We will then be proposing by-law changes based upon discussion at the recent Union meeting and the webinar. We will post those changes and meeting at a later date, however, here are the current World Rugby Sanctions that apply to foul play.

Our current by-laws state:

FRU will utilize USAR discipline guidelines unless USAR lacks a policy. In the event of a conflict between FRU disciplinary policies and USAR disciplinary policies, or if FRU bylaws or policies are silent then USAR disciplinary policies will govern.– added to FRU by-laws on June 29, 2014 

Our by-laws also state . “The business of the D/C and any appeals therefrom to the Executive Committee shall be in compliance with IRB Regulation 17, as promulgated from time-to-time; provided however, to the extent that the terms and conditions of these By-Laws are inconsistent with the terms and conditions of such Regulation 17, the terms and conditions of these By-Laws shall prevail.

Thus, when our by-laws refer that USAR will prevail, if USAR defers to WR, then our by-laws state we should use our own and not WR. These statements all conflict each other in their current form, since USAR deferring to WR was a change made after our by-laws and the 2014 language was added. In addition, it is difficult for someone who gets a red or yellow card or has been cited to know where the policy differs and how that affects them. We want to modify this so it can be more accessible to clubs and players to find the information that they need. The new language and any changes will be posted 45 days in advance of any meeting to vote on these changes. We will email our list of club contacts as well as post here and on facebook when we have new discipline language for review after the board takes part in the webinar and discusses with the current committee what may work best. I know that WR timeline of 48 hours between a card and a ruling is not feasible at the local level as we receive reports up until the Monday following matches.  We will also solicit feedback at our meeting on how this information is shared (the discipline committee rulings). Stay tuned!

Florida Rugby Union – AGM Meeting & Minutes

Florida Rugby Union Annual General Meeting (Adult & Colleges)
Saturday, September 8th 2018
Hyatt Place Orlando Airport
5435 Forbes Pl, Orlando, Florida 32812

Updated (Sep 10th 2018)
2018 Meeting Minutes
Meeting Recording (3hrs)

The Florida Rugby Union 2018 AGM will be held September 8th at 10am in Orlando. Check-in will take place between 9:30 and 10 AM. We will break up the day between the AGM and Summit. Each club in the union should plan to send one club representative and one coach.

The Summit will include lunch and both coaching and club development modules. Here is a link to registration for the Summit, there is a rebate for teams that bring several coaches/players to the Summit portion of the day. Payment for lunch & the summit is via PayPal. Following the summit an informal optional social will take place at the Hyatt.

The working agenda for the AGM includes:
President Report
GM Report
Treasurer Report
Budget Presentation
Voting on New Member Clubs
Schedule Discussions
Elections for the open positions (President, 7s VP/Director, Women’s VP/Director, and Treasurer)
By-Law Changes

We will update the planned content for the modules as they are finalized, currently this includes club development (building a culture, player retention strategies and analysis) and coaching (building a structure/system that works for your personnel, advanced strategies in the set-piece)