South Conference Congress Representation

The NCR2 consists of the Carolinas GU, Florida GU, True South GU & Georgia Rugby Union. Our representives to USA Rugby Congress are voted on by our Senior member clubs (individual teams)

Scroll down for voting form if you know which candidate you already support

Election Terms
–Top vote-getter: 2 year term
–Second vote-getter : 1 year term as Alternate (attends meeting if other Congress Member cannot)

Candidates along with bio and additional information on candidates where available

Bill Bell bell_bio (bio from 2014 election) – nominated by Carolinas
Martin Gardner-Congress BIO MKG 2015 – nominated by Florida and True South

Martin listed these highlights from his bio-

Introduced revised Eligibility rules, plugged some loop holes so Old Blue can’t field half their A side against Montgomery ever again.

Worked within eligibility, at request of Life Un to allow college players to transfer to clubs once there fall season is completed. Have seen many South clubs take advantage of this which has been good to see.

Player retention, having got this on USAR strategic Plan, it is now a World Rugby funded study, headed up by University of Illinois and I recently participated in an initial review meeting in Denver to look at their survey findings and we worked to provide these some rational and started to developed some top line strategic ideas on how to better retain. I have been asked to continue as a member of this project.

Organized the Southern Conference into a successful 2015 Championship. Target ffor 2016 is to now establish a Conference’ management committee with all stake holders.

I continue as a member of the Club Strategic Committee, serve on Competitions and eligibility sub committees and have just been asked to Chair a “Club Infrastructure Committee’

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Additional Info on this process

Election Process Highlights
–Call for nominations 45 days prior to election
– one per GU/LAU (you have to determine internally who/if you submit a candidate for the elections)
–Nominees provide bio/reasons for serving/goals
–Conference call/webinar Q&A >7 days before election upon request
–One vote per senior club in good standing.
– A former congress member will work as a vote verifier for certifying elections

Southern_Conference_Congress_Members_MOA_(executed)_12-03-13 – Full details of election process in pdf form,


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