FYRU – State Championships

Welcome the 2019 FYRU State Championship Tournament. I wanted to make sure that everyone had some basic details and have been tracking the floridarugby.org website for the latest schedules and information about the event.

I will continue to update things, here are some cliff notes for everyone.



3499 South Shore Blvd

Wellington, Florida 33414



Please follow directions, there is no parking or driving on the actual polo fields. Parking will cost

  • $10 per car

  • $20 per bus


Team Check In

  • All teams need to bring a copy of their roster to Admin Tent upon arrival to grounds.


National Anthems

The following matches will have national anthems before the start of their matches. Teams and referees are asked to line up along 5m line and on either side of the half way line of their match field.

  • U19s State Championship Match – 12pm

  • U9s State Championship Match – 130pm

  • U11s State Championship Match – 3pm

  • U13s State Championship Match – 3pm

  • U15s State Championship Match – 3pm



  • The schedule has been posted for all divisions on the page please review those times. We have a tight schedule and we need teams to be on time.



  • Referees are being assigned however, we will not have enough referees to cover all of the youth Festival matches. We request and/or assign coaches to complete the matches.

Athletes Village and Tent Area

  • We will have 8 tents available for teams to use (the white squares on the map). Clubs should not occupy more than of the supplied tents. Teams can bring their own tents but we ask they be set up within the athletes village.

  • Medical will be provided at the large tent (Blue Square) in the middle of the Athletes Village. We will an athletic trainer available but players will have to bring their own tape to use

  • The referees will be housed within the medical and admin tent (Blue Square)

  • Scores and schedules will be posted at the Admin Tent (Blu Square)

  • We will also have water available for teams to fill up their water bottles.

Field Map

  • Please note the field map may change as ensure that we put the fields on the best available grass. I will try my best to ensure the most updated field. Is posted on the site.

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