Florida Collegiate Conference Men’s Select Side

Florida Collegiate Conference Men’s Select Side assembled at Florida State University on Monday May 15th to begin their tour to New Orleans. The two match tour includes three night camp at the FSU Reservation Complex in Tallahassee followed by- two matches in New Orleans.

The FCC Selects have teamed up with MLR team NOLA Gold to schedule and host the two matches. The first match will take place on Thursday, May 15th at 7:00 pm against the NOLA Gold Development Team. The second match will be a curtain raiser at 12:00 pm Saturday May 17th prior to the NOLA Gold vs. Houston Sabercats match with the FCC Selects taking on the Red River Collegiate Conference.

Florida Collegiate Conference Commissioner Kirk Swanner stated “I am really happy with collegiate players selected and the fact that most colleges are represented on the team. The team is a direct reflection of the conference overall- a strong foundation, some exceptional talent, and some talent we need to develop.”  He added further that our coaches have done a fantastic job to bring these young men together creating an environment that is going to allow them to perform at their highest level.

“I’m excited to test the strength of the conference against some quality opposition,” stated Head Coach Chris Oosthuizen. “I think the FCC is on the right track and we need select teams like these at the local level to help with the overall development around the state.”

The FCC Selects will be represented by 25 players and 5 coaches:

  • Alexander Brennan – USF
  • Andres Gonzalez – UCF
  • Anthony Sculles – USF
  • Armon Kashanian – USF
  • Colin Mackaness – FSU
  • Connor Murray – UF
  • Dakota Shelton – FAU
  • David Alicea – FSU
  • Derek Chernin – UCF
  • Diego Veras – FSU
  • Dylan Reynolds – FAU
  • Evan Barada – FSU
  • Jacob Anliker – UF
  • Jacob Hood – UCF
  • Jeremy Luckett – UCF
  • Jon Colecraft – UCF
  • Kyle Lazera – USF
  • Max Ifrah – FAU
  • Nathan Paladino – FGCU
  • Luckson Pierre – FAU
  • Sebastien St-Hilaire – UCF
  • Spencer Gray – FAU
  • Torrence Williamson – FGCU
  • Tristan Dignan – UCF
  • Tyler Lawson – UF


  • Chris Oosthuizen – Head Coach
  • Evan Haigh – Assistant Coach
  • Kirk Swanner – Assistant Coach
  • Michael Gomez – Assistant Coach
  • Colby Carinhas – Assistant Coach

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